We promise to never cater more than a few events a day, so that we can guarantee our best staff is always fully focused on your event. Because of the high demands for our company’s services, and our commitment to not over book ourselves our minimum is $1,500.00 before taxes.

To reserve your date you will need to provide an estimated non-refundable down payment of 40% and a signed contract. We cannot reserve a date until we have received payment. We accept cash, checks, and cards.
It is always wise to reserve as soon as possible. We are flexible if you need to change your date to another available day, and you wont run the risk of getting turned down. Although in most cases we are able to cater an event with little notice and cater multiple events in one day, you will want to secure your day as soon as you are able. Your final menu and head count is not required until 2 weeks prior, so you can still book without knowing for certain your guest count or what you want to serve.
We pride ourselves in providing plenty of food for every event. Estimate as close to an accurate guest count as possible, and leave the rest to us. We always send home leftovers with you, so feel free to order a little extra if you are concerned. Our chefs always make extra food, however it is important to notify your event coordinator if you are concerned a certain item might be popular and go fast at your event.
When adding up your guest count, don’t worry about your guests taking more than one crepe or hors d’ oeuvre. Our chefs are professionally trained and experienced to provide enough of each item so that your guests can have extra and you won’t run out.
There are many equations out there floating around on how to estimate your guest count. Although some of these equations may come close, it is always smart to go through your guest list and estimate who will actually come, and how many people they will bring. Take into consideration weddings that have happened in the same neighborhood, and ask them how many people they had attend. The average wedding has 200-300 people attend. Factor in if your family and friends are local, the day of the week, and the accessibility of the wedding location to your guests. All of these things will affect your number.
Many caterers refuse to send you home with the leftover food. They may tell you it is illegal, however that is inaccurate. If you have less people come than what you paid for, we will send you home with the leftovers. In most cases even when you are over your number you will not run out of food, however it is always better to estimate higher than lower and take some food home with you.
One of the nicest things about working with Utah Celebrations is that you can go online, look at prices, and know what you are going to pay. Other than taxes, we do not hit you with hidden fees. Almost every company charges service fees to make their pricing look lower. We choose not to, because we know it is very frustrating.
Your final head count, and menu selection, and payment are due ten days prior to your event.
Unlike many caterers we do not charge for exceeding two hours. We are there to help you pull off a successful event and will not pack up until you have given us permission.
Our food is made with the freshest ingredients available. We implement many classical techniques and recipes, and maintain some of the highest quality food available. Our freezer has nothing much more than our custom made gelatos, and sorbettos rather than frozen meat and vegetables. For two straight years we have been awarded brides choice based on our quality of service. We strive to keep the buffet well stocked and clean, tables well bussed, and keep you and your guests happy. Our event coordinators will help you plan your event precisely. With three event coordinators we are easy to work with and guarantee to respond to any needs or inquiries within 24 hours.
Please allow approximately 2 hours for us to set up. This time is not guaranteed; rather it is an average arrival time. Please plan accordingly with your venue so that we have access to the facility approximately two hours prior to your serving time.
Generally lines are avoidable. When hosting an open house or reception for more than 200 people make sure to provide enough space for a double-sided buffet line. Also for receptions with over 300 people consider starting your event a half an hour earlier in order to spread out the flow of people. When hosting a luncheon or dinner where everyone is eating all at once make sure to provide enough space to have a double-sided buffet. When serving 200 or more all at once factor in enough room to provide two double-sided buffets in different parts of the facility. When serving a large group all at once anticipate some wait time, it is impossible to serve a large group immediately.
You may cancel at anytime, however your deposit is non refundable. Please understand the caterer is in many cases turning down other customers to provide service to you on your day. Furthermore in many instances equipment and other resources may be purchased well ahead of time in planning. We understand in rare circumstances things may occur, please let us know well in advance as we may offer you a credit for a future event, please do not expect a cash refund though.